Monday, September 1, 2014

Contributor Series: Luzette Godinez

Luzette photographed by Jamie Bowering for issue 14
Luzette Godinez featured in issue 14 with her brand Luu, photographed by Jamie Bowering – and now we've convinced her to put together a tutorial for the new issue. Being familiar with her playful geometric style, she still managed to wow us with her amazing piñatas (which you'll soon be able to make too!) 

A graphic designer by day, Luzette infuses her graphic, patterned work with natural elements. We recently visited her stall at the Auckland Art & Craft Fair and alongside her geometric jewellery pieces there were the Luu signature terrariums and air plant-growing pieces of driftwood – definitely one of the more unique displays on offer.

Keep an eye out in the upcoming issue 15 for Luzette's tutorial. (And if you are too lazy/craft-challenged/have a glue allergy, Luu does custom orders too!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Issue 15: Sneak peek

A first look at our upcoming Many Hands issue - press-passing the cover, illustrated by Enemies Yay duo Laura Blythman and Pete Cromer. Why yes, that IS a beautifully textured cover stock and a spot pink... (I know you appreciate the little details).

SO excited about this one, jam-packed with awesome collaborative talent (we got a bit carried away in fact and had to add extra pages to fit it all in).

Pre-sales will be up soon!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Contributor Series: Jamie Bowering

Jamie Bowering came on board for issue 14 to photograph Luzette Godinez (LUU) and Bevan Galbraith (Captain Ukuleles) - and now we're not letting him go! Jamie has been galavanting around the world for a few years, taking on various fascinating photography projects along the way, such as SYRIA | Land, Cities and People where he spent 2 weeks travelling around Syria, capturing the everyday life of the Syrian people. He is currently working on a couple of projects that are close to being finished - one shot at a Russian summer camp for special needs children and their families. The other, a road trip around the Eastland coast.

Luckily for us, Jamie has decided to come back home to Auckland, at least for the time being. Check out some of his recent work below and head to his website for more stunning imagery.

Finn Andrews of the Veils photographed for Metro

Russian Winter

From the Russian Summer Camp series

From the Russian Summer Camp series

From Syria / Land, Cities & People

From the East Coast series

From the East Coast series

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Stockist Series: Culture Kit

One of our latest stockists is Culture Kit in Portland, on the far south west coast of Victoria. Owned and run by locals Jason and Simon Greening, Culture Kit only opened its doors a few weeks ago and offers a curated selection of rad comic books, graphic art, mags and gifts in a sunny spot in the centre of town. Look for the yellow! We asked Simon a few questions about this welcoming little hang-out.

What will customers discover at Culture Kit?
A range of comics, graphic art and alternate style giftware. We have an ever expanding range of comics with something for all ages. Our range of art and giftware is primarily from independent stockists, with 90% of stock in store from either Australia or New Zealand. With a mix of pop culture and upcycled décor we can promise a relaxed atmosphere where the couch is always comfy and the tunes are always playing.

What’s the best thing about coming to work each day?
The sense of ownership. We get to do what we enjoy and build on our own ideas. Getting to talk with people and getting their feedback is great. It is knowing that we can make a difference and put something back into our local community.

What is the one thing you have learnt from opening your shop?
You can make all the forecasts and projections you want but there will always be unforeseen expenses so make a budget then add about 30% on top of that. Small business is hard work but with a lot of hard work and patience it can be very rewarding.

What is the best kept secret in your local area?
Our store! Haha but really it’s our beautiful rugged coastline and surrounding bushland. With all the beaches and surf spots, bush tracks and national parks not even any one local would be able to tell you where all the best spots are.

Culture Kit, 40 Percy Street, Portland, Victoria 3305 Australia

Shop hours: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Mon - Fri, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm Sat

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Contributor Series: Patti Andrews

You will have seen Patti's work recently in issue 13's Explorer's Guide (we previously interviewed her in issue 12 - the Tall Tales issue). I love her bright, bold style - not one to fiddle about with precise lines, her illustrations have a direct, fresh quality. Here is some of her other work (Patti has worked on some great branding projects as well as commissions and of course her signature custom maps).

   See more at

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Contributor Series: Kelly Gibney

Kelly photographed by Sonya Nagels for Issue 14
Kelly Gibney started Bonnie Delicious just over a year ago and her passion for whole foods has gained her a swiftly growing readership. She didn't just pop out of nowhere though - Kelly has been working in the hospitality industry all her adult life and this summer opened Little Red - a seasonal coffee shop in a pre-loved shipping container (any time we went up North this summer we stopped off for amazing Kokako coffee and delicious treats). 

Keep an eye on the Bonnie Delicious facebook page as she'll be cooking at some beautiful feast events coming up this winter (as well as the requisite delicious food, you can bet any meal Kelly's involved with will be a feast for all the senses). 

Have a scroll through these mouth-watering images and click through to her blog for the recipes. On top of blogging, Kelly is a food writer and stylist – and along with fellow creative Amber Armitage, put together the beautiful Autumn Slaw spread on page 34 of the latest issue – where you can read our interview with her.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Contributor series: Erica Harrison

Self-portrait by Erica

Erica Harrison has the day job many of us dream of: children's book illustrator. She works for Usborne Publishing from her studio in Auckland's K-Road, and in her spare time runs Supercrafti, a one-woman brand of awesome screen-prints, cards, bookmarks, totes... the list is ever-growing. Her work never fails to entertain (just take a look at those bookworms - they're wearing tophats!) 

Erica did the delightful cover art as well as illustrating Whites Road by Lynley Edmeades for the Tall Tales issue

Go and say hi to Erica and get some Supercraftiness for yourself at the The Auckland Art & Craft Fair on June 28th.